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Meth Remediation

The remediation of a Meth property or Meth lab is like a super cleaning process that also neutralizes the Meth which has penetrated the walls, cabinets, furniture, carpet, and nearly every surface in the home. Meth is not like a food odor, it does not self-remediate. You can’t always smell the effects of Meth use. We have tested one property where Meth was used, and not manufactured, and over 4-years later, the home was still “HOT” and needed a full and extensive Meth Remediation.

Meth Remediation starts with removal of all carpet, drapes, and furniture such as bedding and couch’s, along with personal clothing, and other items that will absorb the contaminations.

Most of these items are sent to the landfill. Second, all areas are cleaned for heavy greases and bad spots, next is the Meth Decontamination process using Nationally manufactured products specially formulated to remediate Meth, next is the final cleaning to complete the full process.

Additional services are needed to put on the finishing touch. If you have questions, please feel free to call and we will discuss your concerns about Meth Remediation.

Call us today at 704-391-9696 if you have questions about our Methamphetamine Remediation Services.

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