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Meth Remediation

A very involved process of ultra-cleaning is required to complete the remediation process. Under North Carolina guidelines, a property owner needs to ascertain how the property was initially determined to be a meth lab. In a Law Enforcement Initiated Call and having the suspect caught with the drugs in the initial incident, then there are reports to be filed and approved before moving forward with the remediation. If the neighbors speak up after the resident has moved out, then it only needs to be remediated, and there are no requirements or need to notify law enforcement. However, if an active or suspected lab is discovered, call 9-1-1 to activate the professionals to take custody and remove any issues. Never remove chemicals you think may be dangerous and/or off-gassing (emitting smells). If you have a property that may be a meth lab, you may call REO-Clean to discuss and possible have the property tested to verify.

The remediation process is too extensive to list here but is available in the Meth Remediation Guidelines for North Carolina. The EPA also has issued guidelines for your use.

REO-Clean uses Intelagard EasyDECON® DF-200 and Crystal Clean® for meth lab remediation and multiple other incident sites. This extremely versatile product was formulated as a result of the Sarin Gas Attack in the subway of Japan in 1995. Shortly after this incident, the U.S government ultimately commissioned Sandia National Labs to develop a solution. Please read this article about the development of DF-200 and its relationship to many of today’s environmental concerns.

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