REO-Clean - Charlotte NC - Meth Testing

Meth Testing

Do you suspect Meth? That is the question we find ourselves asking many homeowners. The best way to determine if there is an environmental issue is to start checking and eliminating certain contaminants until the problem is determined. Many times we receive calls from a home buyer who was just informed by their new neighbor that they purchased a Meth House. To address this issue, Meth testing should be performed to determine the levels of contamination. By delaying a full check of the property, the homeowner may risk unnecessary exposure to the family’s well being.

To determine the levels of Meth, REO-Clean uses a testing process called Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry and all samples are submitted to a certified laboratory and treated as evidence the same as a law enforcement agency would do. Not every property was a Meth Lab, most are cases where Meth was being used. Those properties will test positive in nearly all cases and are still considered to be dangerous.

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